About Donata


Born in Lithuania, Donata was always obsessed with clothes despite the lack of high fashion during the Eighties in her home country. Her mother, Ausra, was a seamstress and taught her how to make dresses.

Donata’s hard work and passion paid off. At the age of 18, she won a place at Central St. Martin’s school of art and design – the first Lithuanian ever to attend. She then traveled extensively for ten years, working as a designer and in the art world, and living in London, New York, Canada and Monaco. In 2017, she finally decided she was ready to start her own label. 


Donata Davidoff’s creations are all bespoke, and made in Lithuania. Every piece is impeccably tailored, using the most exclusive French and Italian fabric suppliers who have worked for many years with prolific designers such as Balenciaga, Chanel and Givenchy. Attention to detail drives Donata; she does not compromise on materials or quality. Many of her creations are made to couture standards, crafted with the most intricate hand embroidery.

Donata is inspired by professional working women everywhere. She aims to provide the perfect capsule wardrobe that is season-less and timeless, yet modern and aspirational. The label reflects the clients, responding to the needs and wants of women who navigate daily life with elegance and style. Donata explains, ‘I want to celebrate and empower women, embrace their strengths and potential through clothes. What we wear says so much about us and what we want to say to the world. Dressing up gives us confidence, an innate elegance. This lies at the heart of everything I do.’