Donata Davidoff is a design atelier based on offering transparency to our loyal and globally based community.

Support local factories and craftmanship, Support slow fashion, Support sustainable, high quality fabrics.

Our ethos has always been around 'slow fashion' - we only produce small collections of timeless pieces made of the highest quality fabrics.  Working on a short supply chain ensures that we can trace our finest materials and fabrics to source, whilst also establishing personal relationships with our family owned factories and specialised artisans.

As part of a global fashion industry that is recognised as one of the most damaging to the environment largely through surplus production, waste and landfill as well as toxic working conditions in garment factories, Donata Davidoff is in support of larger conversations around the urgency in making more sustainable and responsible fashion choices.


  • Wool: it is biodegradable, long lasting and versatile. It is typically made from the fleece of sheep( but can also come from goats, alpacas, camels). It has natural anti bacterial properties.
  • Silk: whilst being one of the most luxurious fibres, it is also completely biodegradable. It is made by spinning and weaving the fibres from the chrysalis of silkworms.
  • Natural fibres and recycled materials

We work with Lora Piana, founded in 1812, an Italian yarn, material manufacturer. It uses a unique method, designed to optimise quality whilst ensuring sustainable processes. Based on selective breeding of goats, which contributes to a better balance of environment, animals and local populations in the Alashan region, the method emphasizes smaller herds and rationalised shearing. Enabling production of cashmere, wool of exceptional quality, which is biodegradable and can be absorbed into soil within a year.

We work with some of the oldest and highest quality fabric suppliers across UK, Italy and France who produce natural fibres or used recycled materials.


Donata Davidoff atelier are always looking at updating or new sustainable options.

Our jumpsuits and trousers are made from sustainable Italian novelty fabrics (Forest Stewardship Council certified)

Next season:  we will be working with the prestigious Marni Industrie whom pioneered stretch linen over 20 years ago and continuously work to keep bringing this raw material to new sustainable standards. (GOTS certified organic linen).

Most of our fabrics are GOTS certified.