About Lithuania manufacturing

'I appreciate the incredible craftmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and a knowledge of fashion and manufacturing that is steeped in history.'

Donata Davidoff launched her atelier with the aim to stay close to the artisanal process. She is proud of her home country heritage, which whilst remaining niche and fairly unknown, actually dates back years and is a textile sector now considered one of the most diversified in Europe.

The story dates back to war time when in 1944 Lithuania became a state of the then USSR. Monolithic factories, employing several thousand people, helped to provide the nation with military and school uniforms. In this way, Lithuania became a kind of textile capital of the region. Although the USSR collapsed in 1991, the equipment and highly skilled craftmanship and tailoring techniques remained.

Today the Lithuanian manufacturing industry gives employment to 25,000 highly technology-skilled and multilingual craftspeople - Short production time, flexibility, and good delivery terms mean it can successfully (and sustainably) compete with renowned global brands: supported by The Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA).

Our factory is situated in the capital, Vilnius.

It is important to Donata, as a designer, to feel a sense of connection and community with the garment workers she presents her sketches and vision to. The Donata Davidoff atelier have a long standing relationship with this small owned family factory that employ only highly skilled women who have learnt techniques from the previous generations. These female garment workers are ensured a clean, healthy working environment and fair pay.

Our pattern cutting and sample studio are based in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania.

“Donata Davidoff has been my partner from the very start: she is a great designer, who has an exceptional feel for shapes and fabrics. I have worked with Donata on many collections, focusing on the highest possible quality of the garments that are most comfortable to wear, elegant and always revealing the charm of the woman wearing it."

Grazina Cekanaviciene (owner)

Grazina Cekanaviciene is the owner of our sampling factory. She was born in a family of tailors spanning four generations: her grandfather, Vitas Baltramiejus was born in 1871 and is noted in Lithuanian history. He was a master of tailoring and pattern construction as well as a book smuggler during the time of the Lithuanian press ban. His passion for storytelling as well as his clothing skills have been passed down through his family generations: his daughter, Ona, was regarded as the best tailor in the village, practising her craft for over 70 years. Born into a love of handiwork and textiles, and witnessing how female craftmanship could open her world, her niece Grazina was inspired to follow into the family profession. Buying her first sewing machine at aged 12, she now leads the family's sampling factory growing the business and number of local employees.

Grazina has been a constant source of inspiration for the Donata Davidoff atelier - supporting design ideas and producing pattern cutting at an exceptional couture standard.