Why I am new resort brand

Why I am new resort brand

I spend a lot of time thinking about my brand, how to define it, what inspires me and what it represents.There is a word that keeps coming back to me: Resort. Surprised? For me resort wear embodies two essential aspects of Donata Davidoff, both the aesthetic: a subtle, feminine, easy elegance and a new way to buy clothing, where key timeless pieces are worn at any time of day and in any season. Considering the fashion industry is moving away from seasonal collections, there may be a sort of irony to my attraction to Resort or Cruise: at first glance they could seem the most superfluous collections, but I beg to disagree. Resort wear is where you find the gems. The pieces that defy seasons, pieces that can be layerd and played with. 

Despite this almost practical flexibility, resort wear has whimsical beginnings and was originally conceived to be worn during luxury vacations, weeks spent on cruise ships. Real summer sophistication meets down-time dressing. It’s in this contradiction of practicality and whimsical play, that I find a complexity and richness that really resonates with what I want to bring to women. Seasonless pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn day through to evening. So while resort is a season in the fashion calendar (and in my opinion, the most fun and joyful of them all), it’s a seasonless season, the core of timeless pieces that can be worn again and again. The opposite of fast fashion. And this is important, as Amy de Klerk from Harper's Bazaar  puts it so strongly:

“As the reality of the climate emergency sets in, you could argue that we're moving past the need for this traditional model; designers may no longer see fit to create under these same strict boundaries. During the most recent shows, we've seen unexpected products and trends for the season (boots in spring, lightweight coats in winter) and we've also seen designers move away from trends in favour of putting timeless pieces on the catwalk that play into the consumer’s new desire for clothing that will serve them well for years to come.” 

This is why I align Donata Davidoff with resort wear, it’s made-to-last, and timeless, synonymous with quality. And beyond the physical attributes, resort is inspired by women. Women who travel, women who have adventures, independent and free to explore. Donata Davidoff is contemporary resort wear, for the contemporary woman. 


Donata xx