The World of Resort

Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director at The Daily Telegraph, said 'Anyone who thinks appearance is frivolous is kidding themselves, big time'. And Donata is in full cohesion 'Clothes are something I've loved since I was very small, I was aware from an early age about their ability to make you feel special, important- and how you can stand out in the crowd with an innate confidence. I'm passionate about making women look and feel good ALL the time. I’ve decided to create a 24/7 Resort brand, we're all on and off aeroplanes so much; constantly travelling that what you wear needs to reflect this. My dresses you can wear all year round, I am to make them season-less and multifunctional. My new Spring/ Summer 2020 collection is currently in the making, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. Expect to see lots more print and colour; joyful, happy clothes that you can run and dance in. Please stay on the journey with me, my aim is to provide you all with a beautiful, practical yet alluring working wardrobe that ticks every box in your life.