Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh is a self taught Irish designer and furniture maker, creating well- admired, one off pieces with natural, organic shapes that stimulate and engage all the senses. His Enignum Chairs (pictured here at Sothebys as part of the Chatsworth House Devonshire Collection) highlight the free-flowing/ expressive approach to furniture design, that isn't restrained or inhibited by practical responsibility. The Duke of Devonshire is an avid fan of his work 'A Pair of chairs (Enignum 1) were out first acquisition - although they look unusual they are very comfortable to sit in. Joseph Walsh's furniture gives us more pleasure than anything we have collected. It is no surprise he is now an internationally regarded maker and designer.' Donata wholeheartedly agrees; for her interiors are as important in design terms as her fashion collection. 'I love the form of Joseph's work, and how it makes you feel. There's a type of calm sensuality to it which I find very elevating. He really stimulates my creative mind.'