Donata Davidoff

Donata's design philosophy is to use her couture sensibility to deliver clothes of exceptional quality, but for a far better price. She herself embodies the woman she is dressing, seeking to make them look and feel elegant all day, every day. As a result Donata Davidoff London is marketed at a reasonable level deliberately to encourage women to invest not in one stand out piece, but an entire working wardrobe.
'Toady women are over achieving at all levels; they have full time jobs, they are mothers, lovers, housekeepers, constantly on the go. We no longer live in a world where women only get dressed up for a lunch or charity ball. We're CEOs, board members, we're travelling, we don't stop and we're not afraid of anything. I want to encourage that woman, speak to that woman, be that woman. Whatever her age, whatever her body looks like. We call ALL be warriors.
My aim on the grander scale is to enable women to perform at a consistently high level, and have the clothes to support this, and give them confidence. In the future we will be introducing more functional separates; high waisted wide leg trousers and neat jackets, more silk shirts. However, the quality will remain phenomenally high. We're living in an age of excess, I want to refine this and help hone a woman's individual style. Who is she? What is she saying? She will shop cleverly, with thought and precision. It's time to buy for life. 
This monthly newsletter will outline a different case study each time; be it a person, interior design element, painter, philosopher... I want to explore the world we live in, celebrate it and all that inspires me.
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